Training Consulting

a) Solutions in training for companies:

Formula Aurea Consulting manages all administrative process in order to get grants for training for the companies. Formula Aurea according with Spanish Real Decree 395/2007, of 23rd March, about training for the companies has obtained the status of training organizing company and realize all kinds of steps with the aim to obtain execute and justify grant for training in the companies.

Formula Aurea has created a Companies partnership with the aim to manage training programmes for companies. Currently more than 300 companies has enjoyed with the services in this partnership of Formula Aurea.

Any company could join in the Formula Aurea partnership with the aim to obtain all advantages of this option. Any services that Formula Aurea offers are the following:

  • Advisoring in grants for training.
  • Managing of all steps in order to obtain grants for training.
  • Designing of training programmes according with the need of the companies.
  • Executing of the training.
  • Managing the national certification for the training.
  • Advisoring and managing in order to justify the training grant.

If you wish more information about the training programmes for companies or are you interesting to join in our partnership please send us a mail: (

b)Training Solutions for Companies associations or Foundations:

Companies Associations could submit for training grants in Spain for executing training programmes at national and regional level.

Formula Aurea Consulting offers an integral management in order to do possible that any company association could Access to training grants.Formula Aurea offers the following services:

  • Design of training programmes and advisoring for creating training backgrounds at sectorial level and national level.
  • Advisoring in order to submit training grants.
  • Services for executing the training programme.
  • Implementing of assessment tools.
  • Certificating and justifying  training programmes.